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OS X 10.11.5 Elcaptitan

Jul 11 , 2016

Uninstalling Better Touch Tool  
There are also files under your user directory's Library/Application Support/ ...
1. In Finder select menu item: Go > Go To Folder...
2. A little dialog pops up. In the "Go to folder:" text field, enter: ~/Library/Application Support
3. Drag the BetterTouchTool directory to the trash.

Also remove the startup option in your system preferences:
1. Open [Apple] > System Preferences > Users & Groups
2. Click the "Login Items" tab
3. Highlight the BetterTouchTool line, and then - under the list area - click the little minus sign button.

Jul 10 , 2016

Mackeeper  Uninstall by mulware



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